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Capacity Building

We empower life scientists with in-demand bioinformatics and computational biology expertise and promote competency in the biotech space. Our learning method practically engaged students with critical and innovative thinking to identify and solve biological research problems with real-life omics data. 

Programs & Resource Materials

Our learning programs are critically designed, especially to build your knowledge of bioinformatics from scratch, and practically train/equip you with computational and current analytical skills via different learning approaches packaged with the necessary resource materials needed.

Innovative Research Projects

To be a successful researcher, bioinformatician, or computational biologist, you must be able to develop your problem-solving abilities. So, depending on which program you choose to learn from, we will practically take you through a critical and innovative research journey where you will be able to identify and solve biological research problems with real-life omics data.

Research Paper Publication

It's not enough to know how to analyze samples, you must be able to use your skills and contribute to the development of your society via ground-breaking research. At the end of every project, we thrive to make our students publish a paper based on their research with high impact factor. 

In recent times, data-driven skills are greatly needed and it's shaping the face of different biological-related fields such as Medicine, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Microbiology, etc. The future of big data is here, where creativity and innovations are integrated with bioinformatics and computational biology to make sustainable solutions in these fields. Genomac Hub thrives to provide on-demand omics data-driven expertise that will enable life scientists to become relevant in the present age. 











Bioinformatics Courses

With our practical courses, you stand to become an expert Bioinformatician, exploring any data of interest with analysis ranging from Genomics to Metagenomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Drug Design, and Discovery.


We provide short time online and onsite workshops with 100% hands-on training comprising multi-omics topics ranging from genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, computational biology and so much more including free resource materials, software tools, pipelines and others

Professional Programs

Our professional programs are intensive bioinformatics training with certification. It ranges from 2 to 6 months and is specially designed by industrial and academic experts. You will be able to embark on an innovative research project, solve biological related problems with publications at the end of the program. 

Research Workshops

Our mission in this program is to practically train and equip life scientists, with current bioinformatics research skills and practically teach them how to make and publish trending research papers from scratch on specific research questions of interest by themselves within 1 to 3 months from starting date.

Personal Training and Grooming

We render personal training, grooming, and mentorship on bioinformatics analysis and research based on the required and convenient duration. Topics range from Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metagenomics, Epigenetics, Variant analysis, R, Python, Linux, etc. You will be able to identify a research question and work on real-life omics data and make a research paper at the end of the training. 

Webinar Series

We organize monthly webinar series with the aim of empowering life scientists with relevant information on how to gain access to bioinformatics skills, new trends in bioinformatics research, and as well free workshops. We host experienced  expert from academics and the industry as key guest speakers and trainers. Certif=cate of participation is also provided. 

Onsite Internship

As we thrive to build maximum impact, we take interns who are undergraduates, graduates, or researchers and then have the opportunity to partake in some of our innovative research and build solutions that can transform the face of our society. As an intern, you will not only gain skills and experience but also you will be able to make excellent research papers for publication.

You can book a free session with us to discuss any of our programs you are interested in and show you a demo session as well. 

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