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Virtual Bioinformatics

Research Workshop




In this research workshop, we will be engaging the principles and concepts of comparative genomics to explore and study as many probiotic bacteria genomes as possible. With key focus, ranging from a very broad view of real live practical bioinformatics analysis, to discovery certain probiotics capabilities found in the genomes and  drafting a complete research paper based on our entire findings.

Our mission in this program is to practically train and equip life scientist especially microbiologist, with current 

bioinformatics research skills and teach them out to make trending research papers on individual microbial organisms by themselves. 


Research Interest & Paper

Each participant is free to work with their  probiotic bacteria of interest and will have a personal research paper after workshop.

Bioinformatics Tools

You will be given paid Biosoftware (packaged with analytical tools) worth $80, with life time activation key for free.

Awards After Workshop

After the research workshop, you will be given two kinds of awards.

1. Certificate of training

2. Certificate of research workshop experience.

Understands the concept of comparative genomics in exploring microbial genomes of interest

Discuss aims and objectives of the entire study involved

Building research project workflow 

Bioinformatics analysis which includes: 

Software tools, installation, pipelines and their applications

Raw reads processing and genomes assembly

Comprehensive genome analysis and functional categorization

Genome sequence properties, specific functional categories relating to certain probiotic capabilities

Antibiotic resistance genes profiling

Comparative genomics using alignment tools 

Pan-genomics analysis (genome map)

Evolutionary study (Phylogenetic tree)

Evaluation of results, computing of data and visualizations

Paper writing: reports, discussion, conclusion and references

DATE: 20TH MAY - 22ND JULY 2022



What Will

Be Next Step?

You are one step closer to becoming an expert microbial genomics analyst and have a research paper.

We will discuss on a research proposal

As we begin the research workshop, we will have a detail discussion on the research proposal to work on.

Together, we will work on it

After the research proposal, we will design a project workflow, following research analysis and paper write up.

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Get started and let's do this.

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