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Phylogenomics Analysis

The era of next-generational sequencing (NGS) is transforming evolutionary study (phylogenetics) into Phylogenomics. This powerful tool is crucial for understanding evolutionary relationships among organisms and it is performed by reconstructing their evolutionary history, taking into account their whole genome or fractions of it. It can resolve long-standing phylogenetic questions that were difficult to answer. We use specific methods to answer your phylogenetic questions at the genome or gene level. 

Workflow at Genome Level 


  • Raw reads processing (QC and trimming)

  • Genome assembly and evaluation


  • Data retrieval from the database for comparative analysis

  • Whole genome alignment

  • Whole genome phylogenetic tree construction (optional)

  • A phylogenetic tree construction based on the homologous genes (optional)

  • ANIb/ANIm

  • Tetra nucleotide frequencies and correlation coefficients


  • ​Report (Material and Methods, Results and References)

Workflow at Gene Level 


  • Clipping of reads

  • Molecular identification


  • Data retrieval from the database for comparative analysis

  • Multiple sequence alignment

  • Alignment matrixes

  • Building the phylogenetic tree


  • Report (Material and Methods, Results and References)

The workflow as we have shown you entails the steps of bioinformatics analysis to be carried out for your data and each is unique to the workflow designed for the final outcome. 

For phylogenetic analysis at the genome level, there are two options (Whole genome phylogenetic tree construction and A phylogenetic tree construction based on the homologous genes). We will provide any or both at your request. 

The following will be provided after the complete job is done.

  • Assembly genome sequence

  • A detailed draft of a report containing the materials and methods, results, and references

  • Visualizations (figures)

  • Technical support: A live zoom session will be held to explain and discuss the results to you. 

Get In Touch

You can book a free session with us to discuss what you want to do, your research project, and show you a demo report. We promise to deliver accurate and trusted work done.

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