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Functional Genomics, Transcriptomics & Cancer Genomics


In recent times, data-driven skills are greatly needed and it's shaping the face of different biological-related fields such as Medicine, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Microbiology, etc. The future of big data is here, where creativity and innovations are integrated with bioinformatics and computational biology to make sustainable solutions in these fields. Genomac Hub thrives to provide on-demand omics data-driven expertise that will enable life scientists to become relevant in the present age. 


7th November – 5th December, 2023 | 3 PM GMT

We empower life scientists with in-demand bioinformatics and computational biology expertise and promote competency in the biotech space. Our learning method practically engaged students with critical thinking and innovative design to identify and solve biological research problems with real-life omics data. So, get a chance to work on innovative projects with our leading genomics research experts, acquire lucrative skills and make significant impact in the life science space.


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DISCOUNT ENDS: 5th Nov, 2023


Foundational Skills:

  • Basic to Advanced Linux Commands

  • Hands-on introduction to R for Biodata Analysis

  • Bioinformatics tools


  • Overview of RNA-Seq

  • FASTQ basic quality Assessment and Cleaning

  • Read counts / Alignment / Mapping

  • Differential Gene Expression (DGE) in R

  • Gene to Pathway Analysis in R

Functional Genomics:

  • Accessing WGS reads on NCBI (SRA)

  • The use of European Nucleotide Archive (ENA)

  • The use of PATRIC Database

  • Read processing and assembly

  • Genome annotation/gene prediction

  • Evaluation of Result

Cancer Genomics

  • Overview of Cancer Genomics 

  • Collection of DNA Data: Collect genomic datasets containing 
    genetic information of breast cancer patients, including SNP data and clinical outcomes. 

  • DNA Sequence Alignment: Aligning Reads to Reference Sample 

  • Comprehensive Genome Analysis: Variant Calling Analysis

  • Identification of Genetic Markers

  • Differential Analysis and Functional Enrichment

  • SNP-based phylogenetic Analysis

Visualization/Plots of Results:

  • Workshop participants will gain proficiency in bioinformatics, covering Linux commands, R programming, and the use of bioinformatics tools.

  • Participants will acquire advanced skills in genomic analysis, including RNA-Seq, functional genomics, and cancer genomics

  • Explore cancer genomics, collecting DNA data, performing genome analysis, and identifying genetic markers.

  • Utilize public databases for functional genomics, including data retrieval and genome annotation.

  • Develop result evaluation skills for informed decision-making in genomics research.

  • Access to $1000 worth of Bonuses

  • Basic to Advanced Level of Expertise

  • Provides valuable industry exposure

  • 100% Practical Training & Guidance by Experts

  • Work with Next generational Sequencing (NGS) Data

  • Access to Advance Bioinformatics Software Tools, Pipeline and Databases

  • Practical Research Guidance to Published Papers on Interesting Topics

  • Access to Pre-recorded Sessions

  • Certificate of Participation

  • Duration: One Months

  • Training Mode: Online (ZOOM MEETING)


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Gain Live Practical Experience and Become an Expert

Gain advanced skills, become an expert, have experience and acquire E-certificate of learning.

If you have questions to be answered before enrolling, kindly reach us on WhatsApp now.


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Dr. Maryam Idrees Malik

Before starting the program, I was a bit apprehensive, as I had previously been taken advantage of by some online scam. But now, I consider myself fortunate that I had stumbled upon this organisation. Kudos team genomac hub! I honour your intentions to create a global impact by helping researchers. Looking forward to learning and growth & thank you for sharing the lifetime activation key of geneious software. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-25 at 12.23.04 PM.jpeg

Dr. Noman Sohail

During my time with Genomac Hub, I was offered online classes, clear guidance, and a structured map to proceed with the work, outlining the amazing results. The negotiations were satisfactory overall. I must rate the service 8/10


Blessing O

Attending Genomac Hub workshop helped me navigate the fundamentals of Bioinformatics. It provides a solid foundation for me to move on in my career. The CEO, Oluwaseyi, is very knowledgeable about the course. He is adept at keeping the class engaged and making everyone understand. I recommend Genomac Hub courses and workshops to anyone in any part of the globe.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-25 at 11.50.00 AM.jpeg

Nikita Singh

Interesting, understandable, keeps the target audience engaged till the end. The concepts and protocols are explained in a lucid way.

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