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Metatranscriptomics Analysis

Workflow Analysis 

Stage 1

  • ​Data processing

  • Quality control and assembly

  • Taxonomic classification

  • Taxonomic abundance

  • Extraction of the community profile and  visualization

  • Functional information

  • Normalize the abundances

  • Identify the gene families involved in the pathways

  • Group gene families into GO terms

  • Combining taxonomic and functional information

Stage 2

  • Network Analysis

  • Computing data and visualization of the results: (Statistical visualization which includes heatmaps, tabular, Venn diagram, bar charts, clusters, etc.)

  • Report (Materials and Method, Results and References)   

The workflow as we have shown you entails the steps of bioinformatics analysis to be carried out for your data and each is unique to the workflow designed for the final outcome. 

The analysis will be conducted providing your desired visualization for each major steps.

The following will be provided after the complete job is done.

  • Assembly genome sequence

  • A detailed draft of a report containing the materials and methods, results, and references

  • Visualizations (figures)

  • Technical support: A live zoom session will be held to explain and discuss the results with you. 

Get In Touch

You can book a free session with us to discuss what you want to do, your research project, and show you a demo report. We promise to deliver accurate and trusted work done.

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