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Virtual Bioinformatics

Research Workshop




In this research workshop, we will be engaging the principles and concepts of CRISPR Technology to explore and study specific organisms of interest with key focus, ranging from a very broad view of real life in silico practical CRISPR analysis to the drafting of a complete research paper based on our entire findings.

Our mission in this program is to practically train and equip life scientist especially those interested in Genomics, with current and modern

bioinformatics research skills, teach them out to be innovative and as well make trending research papers by themselves. 


Research Interest & Paper

Each participant is free to work on their research idea with key interest in genetic editing and will have a personal research paper after the program

Bioinformatics Tools/Resources

  • You will be given paid Bio-software (packaged with analytical tools) worth $200, with a lifetime activation key for free.

  • Course videos and pre-recorded sessions 

  • Online pipeline tools and others

Awards After Workshop

After the research workshop, you will be given two kinds of awards.

1. Certificate of training

2. Certificate of the research workshop experience.

3. A research paper

Introduction to the technology of CRISPR

Different systems of CRISPR Cas

The mechanism involved in CRISPR.

Areas of research in CRISPR.

Gene Knock-in & knock-out

Bioinformatics analysis which includes: 

Use of CRISPR for Gene mutagenesis

Off-target analysis

CRISPR MECHANISM- Natural and modified

PAM screening

Identification of Target

Study of the Primer

Importance of Off-target and Mutations and Prediction of Off-target & Mutations

Evaluation of results, computing of data and visualization of results (heatmaps, histogram etc)

Paper writing: reports, discussion, conclusion and references

DATE: 26th Oct  - 24th Dec 2022


250 USD for Early Payment

300 USD For Late Payment


Below are two reference research papers relative to the kind of research which will be engaged in this program. it's done in collaboration with the research facilitator. You can download and study them. 

What Will

Be Next Step?

You are one step closer to becoming an expert in silico CRISPR GENOME EDITING and have a research paper.

We will discuss on a research proposal

As we begin the research workshop, we will have a detail discussion on the research proposal to work on.

Together, we will work on it

After the research proposal, we will design a project workflow, following research analysis and paper write up.

Get started and let's do this.

To get started, proceed with the registration below and get access to amazing experience attached.


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